Eurobound Introduces Italy’s “Most Beautiful Villages”

Marketing Initiative Focuses on Lesser-Known Areas

Eurobound–the niche tour operator serving travel agents exclusively—has announced a marketing initiative to promote “The Most Beautiful Villages” in Italy.  Under the initiative, Eurobound will market a series of self-drive land packages to lesser-known regions such as Sardinia, San Marino, and the Chianti and the Casentino Valley in Tuscany.

Small Villages, Off-the-Beaten Track Roads

Designed for independent travelers who want to see an insider’s Italy, the packages range from 6 – 8 nights with accommodations in distinctive lodgings such as a medieval castle, Renaissance villa or country estate. Depending on the itinerary, local tours, wine, cheese, or olive oil tastings, plus cooking classes may be featured.

Emilia-Romagna and Veneto

Eurobound’s initial “Most Beautiful Villages” package is a 6-night itinerary beginning and ending in Bologna.  Eurobound clients drive to the hillside village of Montegridolfo for 4 nights at the luxury Palazzo Viviani.  Set in the Rimini Hills, with vistas of ancient fortresses and stone towers dotting the countryside, the hotel provides a scenic base for the next days’ discoveries.

From Montegridolfo, daily driving itineraries include: San Marino, the village of Gradara, dating back to the 13th century; and Mondaino for a tasting of its renowned Pecorino di Fossa cheese.  Another day’s itinerary features the Unesco World Heritage city of Urbino, and Pesaro.  The ancient Byzantine capital of Ravenna is a highlight of another drive, before setting off for Montagnana.

Montagnana, one of Italy’s best-preserved medieval walled cities, serves as base for the itinerary’s last two nights, where a 14th century castle is home for exploring the Veneto.  From here, the driving itinerary features Padua, complete with a wine tasting in the castle’s medieval wine cellar; Arqua Petrarca in the Euganean Hills, where the poet Petrarch spent his last years; and Venice, with its many canals. The itinerary concludes with a drive back to Bologna for the return trip home or for additional travels.

Tuscany, Sardinia, Liguria

Brigitte Armand, Eurobound’s president, notes that the “Most Beautiful Villages” packages are geared to repeat travelers who want an authentic experience discovering another side of Italy.  “The itineraries introduce travelers to some of Italy’s most interesting hidden gems, rich in history, culture, and architecture.  These packages are ideal for clients who want the freedom of exploring on their own, but who want an itinerary planned by the experts,” she says.

Eurobound plans to roll out additional” Most Beautiful Villages” itineraries beginning in Florence and covering Central Italy; in Genoa covering the Ligurian Coast, and in Rome to the island of Sardinia.

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Now celebrating its 20th year, Eurobound provides distinctive packages and itineraries for independent travelers and small groups, sold exclusively through travel agents.  Specializing in personalized travel to Europe, Eurobound is a winner of the French Affairs Award for Best Niche Tour Operator, 2015.

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The walls of Montagnana


Urbino panorama