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As travel industry professionals, it might come as no surprise that those who earn more, travel more.  We’ve listed some interesting stats on affluent travelers below. 

But, how do you reach today’s traveler?   There are more ways than ever, including infographics and press releases.  We’ve provided some tips on creating your own infographics, as well as an analysis we did comparing results of using a mass press release distribution service with creating your own tailored lists.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy this edition, and I personally look forward to your comments.


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Marketing to Affluent Travelers  
money-icon.gif Marketing to affluent travelers?  In our last issue we shared some statistics about affluent travelers
A survey conducted for our client, the US Travel Insurance Association, found that 61% of Americans are planning to travel this year. However, among those who earn more than $55,000 per year, that number jumps to nearly 3 our of 4 people who plan to take at least one vacation trip.

Compare that to only 46% of those earning less than $50K per year who plan to travel this year. Not surprisingly, those making more had a higher likelihood of purchasing travel insurance.  They also are more likely to spend more on their vacation.

Speak Your Way to Success 

Confidently delivering a speech or giving an engaging presentation are crucial skills in today’s fast-paced business environment. Did you know that we also provide public speaking training and coaching for all levels?  In fact, we recently concluded a series of workshops for an international nonprofit agency.

For more information and helpful tips, check out our blog, The Public Speaking Wire at

UStiA Infographic

Infographics: More than just a pretty picture
Infographics work best to illustrate facts and statistics. They can add color and pizzazz to what would otherwise be a jumble of useful (but perhaps boring) numbers. 


Here at Kundell Communications we recently started a series of infographics for client, UStiA, to market results of their recent consumer survey on travel habits and travel insurance. Check out this one we’ve created (at right); click to view the entire infographic. 

For other examples, check out this World Health Organization infographic for World Health Day and Transit Wireless’s one on WiFi in the New York City Subway. You can experiment with making your own inforgraphics using online tools like or 


And, remember: infographics don’t write themselves. Whether you do one in-house or have an agency create an infographic, a considerable amount of time and effort go into creating a good  end product.

Special Column
Mass Distribution Services: To Buy or Not To Buy
graphic-chart-people.jpg“Get your message to thousands of media.”  Sounds seductive doesn’t it?  A number of online
media distribution services promise to deliver your P.R. release to thousands of outlets across the internet.  So what should you do?

We conducted our own informal research using an online service, and analyzed some statistics.  One press release had 12,000 impressions the day it went out.  That means it merely popped up 12,000 times on the internet.

We compared the same press releases sent to our own proprietary, individually researched and targeted press list.  What is the best way to go?  Read our findings.

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Coming Attractions

In our next edition, we have some new projects to share, as well as an interview with travel media insider Johnny Jet.
If you would like to see us cover a topic of interest, please email us.

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