Is your press release for the dogs?

Three Mistakes to Avoid.

Photo: Steve Eng via FlickrClarity and directness are the hallmarks of a good press release.When crafting the perfect press release, what you say, how you say it, and the words that you choose matter. Here are three examples of types of mistakes to banish from your press releases.

  • Industry-specific jargon–Don’t use this kind of jargon below unless you are certain that your audience will understand EVERY word:

“Are you trying to generate top-of-funnel organic traffic from long-tail keywords? Do you need a hub from which you’ll populate social media channels?”

  • Superlatives–Never use this in a press release, especially in a headline:

“ABC Destination Offers Incredible Value.”

Do away with superlatives. What does incredible mean? It’s a subjective superlative that may mean one thing to one person and another to someone else. It’s also the mark of an amateur writer who doesn’t know the difference between a promotional piece and a press release.

  • Letter-style verbiage–Don’t introduce a press release with this phrase:

“We are pleased to announce that….”

Save this kind of wording for promotions or emails to your customers. A press release is supposed to be news, not a letter. Instead.  Instead, get to the point: “XYZ has been appointed….”

For more helpful hints, see our white paper on “Ten Tips for Writing Winning Press Releases.”

Photo: Steve Eng via flickr