The Flight Every Traveler Dreads: Medical Evacuations

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The Flight Every Traveler Dreads
Medical Evacuations Help Save Travelers’ Lives

Each year thousands of travelers become seriously ill or injured while traveling, requiring emergency evacuation or other medical transportation assistance.  They may be in a remote area where adequate medical care is unavailable, their injury or illness may be so severe that they need specialized care, or they may be unable to return home safely without medical support.

According to the US Travel Insurance Association, most patients requiring medical transport fall into 4 categories: cardiac, respiratory, surgical or orthopedic trauma.  The US Centers for Disease Control cites injuries as the primary reason for US travelers abroad to be transported back to the U.S. by air medical transport.

What Happens When Medical Emergency Strikes
If medical disaster strikes – from a broken limb to a sudden heart attack –travelers with travel insurance or an assistance plan have a decided edge.

Photo credit: Blake Yturralde

Note: This is excerpted from a press release produced for our client, the US Travel Insurance Association.  For the full release, click here.

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