Prevent Heat Stroke on Summer Travels: Summer TRIP Tips

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May 31, 2012

Prevent Heat Stroke on Summer Travels
Summer TRIP Tips

When temperature and humidity soar, travelers — particularly children, the elderly, those with chronic medical conditions, and people who are substantially overweight – may be prone to heat stroke. Even young and healthy individuals can be vulnerable if they are too active. To help prevent heat stroke, the TRIP Information Center suggests:

  • Avoid hot foods and heavy meals.
  • Increase fluid intake, regardless of activity level
  • Pace yourself and limit outdoor activity to morning and evening, avoiding midday sun.

For more tips on preventing sun stroke, visit TRIP.

More travel health, safety, and security tips are available on TRIP at Developed by the US Travel Insurance Association as a public service, TRIP is designed to provide helpful information for anyone planning a trip. The TRIP acronym stands for “Travel Responsibly, Informed and Protected.” With a motto of, “Empowering you to travel safely,” the site offers useful articles, tips and links on various aspects of staying healthy, safe, and secure while traveling.

For more information on travel insurance and a listing of UStiA members, visit


Editor note: This is #2 in a three-part series on summer travel tips from UStiA.

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