National Parks and Outdoor Travel: Summer TRIP Tips

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May 23, 2012

Stay Safe in the National Parks & Outdoors While Traveling
Summer TRIP Tips

This year, the US National Parks alone will have nearly 298 million recreational visits, according to the National Parks Service. The TRIP Information Center suggests the following tips to help ensure a safe and memorable vacation:

  • Keep a respectable distance between you and wildlife, and never approach or feed a wild animal.
  • Carry extra water, food such as protein bars, depending on location, warm clothing, and/or rain gear in case of emergency.
  • Use the buddy method: Walk or hike with someone else, and if you’re going alone, let others know where you’re going.
  • Observe posted speed limits, if you’re driving. Every year hundreds of animals are killed by speeding motorists, and a vehicular encounter with a wild animal may not only kill the animal, but seriously damage your car and cause injury to the car and its occupants alike.

For more tips on outdoor travel safety, visit TRIP.

More TRIP health, safety, and security tips are available at Developed by the US Travel Insurance Association as a public service, TRIP is designed to provide helpful information for anyone planning a trip. The TRIP acronym stands for “Travel Responsibly, Informed and Protected.” With a motto of, “Empowering you to travel safely,” the site offers useful articles, tips and links on various aspects of staying healthy, safe, and secure while traveling.

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Editor note: This is one in a three-part series on summer travel tips from UStiA.

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