Why travel insurance is important

I’m proud to have been interviewed for a TV segment on CBS-affiliate WKMG TV Orlando. The segment also ran twice on local CBS-TV news in New York, as well as other markets.

CBS Travel Insurance Video Screengrab

Here’s an excerpt:

Having a health advocate to deal with foreign medical care is one of many benefits of travel insurance, because regular health insurance may not cover services out of the United States.

“About 20 percent of people whose trips have been impacted by a medical emergency or other type of emergency had travel insurance. That means that 80 percent of those impacted did not,” said Linda Kundell, a representative with the U.S. Travel Insurance Association.

Kundell said a slew of lesser known coverage options include reimbursement for being stuck on the tarmac, missed connections and interrupting, delaying or even canceling an entire trip because of illness or injury that affects you or a family member on vacation or at home.

Kundell said, “(There are) plans that also add on or include assistance services such as help with lost passports, legal advice” and even medical evacuation back to the U.S.

“If you have to be medically evacuated, it can cost up to $100,000 or more,” Kundell said.

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