Opera Great Dame Kiri Te Kanawa on New Zealand

Photo: Maurice via Flickr

Kiri Te Kanawa. Photo: Maurice via Flickr

I was recently going through some old manuscripts I had written, and came across an interview with award-winning New Zealand soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. Dame Te Kanawa has sung at major opera houses throughout the world, including New York’s Metropolitan Opera, where I had the privilege of hearing her silken voice.

During the phone interview, we talked about her childhood in New Zealand, her work in the arts, and the beauty of New Zealand’s South Island. Her words about the South Island being “the true New Zealand” resonated with me, especially in the wake of my own trip there.

Here’s an excerpt of my interview:

Dame Te Kanawa:

“The South Island has got the real look of New Zealand to me, and not too many enormous cities spreading all over the place. The North Island has got all the cities. If you’re coming from America or London, or any place like that, you’ve seen one city, you’ve seen them all. But, you haven’t seen the beauty, the bush, the lovely rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, geysers. Things like that!”


Milford Sound

Milford Sound

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