Christchurch Memories

Departing Mt. Cook, a Great Sights coach transported me to Christchurch.  En route I remember passing lovely hillside towns and undulating meadows dotted with numerous sheep.


My Victorian-style Bedroom

It’s been a couple years since my visit to Christchurch, and I’m hoping that the city has recovered from the devastating earthquake of 2011. I only stayed overnight prior to my return flight back to the U.S.  However, my accommodations were in a lovely, luxurious Victorian-style bed and breakfast run by a young couple from London.  Unfortunately, due to lack of business, they were closing up, and much to my surprise, I learned that I was their final guest.

I had always heard about the Christchurch Botanical Garden, so with my one free morning, I headed there.  The Garden is divided into various sectors.  I only had time to visit two areas: the New Zealand Garden of indigenous plants, and the Rose Garden. But, I was able to get some lovely photos to share before my quick South Island adventure came to an end.

Goway Travel had arranged my South Island itinerary.  Their expertise and knowledge made my solo trip an adventure and introduction to the many beauties of the South Island that I will never forget.  I can’t wait to return!

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