My Airport “Perils of Pauline” Tale

My ASUS netbook

My ASUS netbook

It’s bad enough flying from a large city, but what happens when a series of mishaps occur?   It started on a recent trip to Colorado, with the car picking me up. As soon as we left my Manhattan apartment building the driver noticed he had a flat tire. So he went to a nearby  garage and put enough air in the tire to get me to La Guardia Airport (good thing I flew out of there and not Kennedy).

At airport security, I took my ASUS netbook out to put in the bin, and had it under my arm as I was arranging other stuff to put in. The computer dropped from under my arm, went flying about 4 feet and landed with a thud, smack on the bare, concrete floor. I was expecting the computer to be gone forever. Miraculously, aside from a couple scratches on top, it seemed to be ok. Glad I had a netbook and not a tablet. The tablet would have been history.


Having passed through the body scanner, as I was waiting for my belongings to come through the security conveyor belt, this big guy in front of me stepped right on my shoe-less bad foot, with his boot.  This is the side with the bad knee, and the foot which I turned the previous day, and which was black/blue at the ankle. Needless to say, my foot did not feel great.

Where’s the Water?

Walking from security to Gate A in the cramped and crowded United Terminal, I discovered that the only water fountain available didn’t work.  So, I had to shell out nearly $2.50 for a small bottle of water, instead of being able to fill my own bottle, as I usually do.

The Check my Bag Game

Boarding the jetway, much to my chagrin, I saw a whole line of bags substantially larger than the boot bag I had paid $35 to check.  These were bags passengers were carrying on, but, because of lack of space, were being checked for free.

Sunglasses MIA

Once onboard the plane I went to put my over-glasses sunglasses on, and discovered that I had left them home.  Fortunately, I happened upon a sunglass kiosk at Denver International Airport while connecting for my onward flight, which just happened to have had a last pair of over-sunglasses.  Granted, they were kind of junky, and I paid $30 (plus extra for a case) for a pair that shouldn’t have cost more than $20.  But, at least I had a pair.

Disappearing Prescription Glasses

Then, to add insult to injury, as I was boarding my connecting flight, I noticed that my spare pair of prescription glasses was missing.  In a panic, I asked the United Airlines gate attendant if I could run back to the kiosk, where I thought I had left the glasses.  He was kind enough to let me do it, and I ran to the end of the kiosk at the end of the terminal, couldn’t find the glasses, ran back only to find the door to the jetport closed.  But, the kind United attendant opened the door for me, and I ran onto the plane just as the cabin attendant was announcing the flight.  Lo and behold, once I got to my seat I discovered that the glasses had fallen into a recess of my purse.

So What’s a Girl to Do?

Nothing like stress-free travel!  I was lucky, in that all of these misadventures had a happy ending.  And,  when compared with what passengers on the Carnival Triumph went through following a boiler fire that disabled the vessel, my little mishaps are trivial.  They say that getting there is half the fun – I wouldn’t go that far.  Fortunately, the rest of the trip was uneventful and wonderful!

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