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January 28, 2013


 “When Travel Medical Disaster Strikes: Saving Travelers’ Lives”

Insider Look at Travel Medical Evacuations

The US Travel Insurance Association has introduced a dedicated YouTube Channel designed to give viewers an inside look into the world of travel medical evacuations and  to educate the public on the importance of travel insurance.

Titled, “When Travel Medical Disaster Strikes: Saving Travelers’ Lives,”—the videos feature interviews with medical personnel who are on the frontline of transporting sick and injured travelers.  Viewers learn about what actually happens when life-saving medical transport is needed to get a patient to a hospital or to return safely home.

Through the videos, viewers:

  • go  inside a medevac plane to see the life-saving equipment onboard,
  • see a medical evacuation drill,
  • hear firsthand stories of saving patients,
  • learn the importance of having travel insurance.

Videos range in length from 1:43 to 4:34 minutes, and can be accessed by keying in

In addition to the new YouTube channel, UStiA provides a consumer outreach web site — (Travel Responsibly, Informed, and Protected) — with helpful information including timely tips on travel, health, safety, and security.

About UStiA
UStiA promotes fairness, integrity, and a commitment to excellence in the travel insurance industry. With a mission to educate the public on travel insurance while maintaining high industry standards, UStiA is a non-profit association of insurance carriers and allied businesses involved in the development, administration and marketing of travel insurance and assistance. Travel insurance and assistance services are available from travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels and resorts, and insurance brokers, as well as through the Internet.

For more information, consumer advice on how to shop for travel insurance, and a listing of UStiA member companies, visit the UStiA website,



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